August 7, 2020

Zandalee VS Fire Birdies

Choose your Cage: Mustachioed Stalker or Helicopter Pilot! In this episode, Cagefighters watch the uncomfortable and trashy New Orleans stalker flick Zandalee (1991) followed by the dollar bin version of "Top Gun with Helicopters" known as Fire Birds (1990)! Nicolas Cage ignites our hearts in both, but alas only one winner may be chosen. Listen to find out which movie moves on to the finals!

  • (4:40) Zandalee Nic List
  • (11:30) Steve's Character Comparisons
  • (15:30) Zandalee Synopsis & Discussion
  • (42:02) Fire Birds Nic List 
  • (44:38) Steve's Character Comparisons
  • (46:20) Fire Birds Synopsis & Discussion 
  • (67:50) Cage Fight! 
  • (82:44) Winner & Next Movies 


We're officially in the 90s now.  

The Cagefighters bring back a problematic and untimely Cage-tastic Italian war movie from the dead: "Time to Kill." Next, we examine David Lynch's attempts to tame Cage's wild heart when his character is on the run from Mama's bloodthirsty bounty between long bouts of sex, heavy metal slam dancing, and Nic Cage singing!

We also introduce Cagefighter Matt in this episode -- the man who originally inspired this podcast after creating Nicolas Cage Appreciation Night (NCAN).

Listen to find out which movie will compete in our upcoming Cage Fight season finale!

The Cagefighters pit the next two comedies from the 80's against the other: Moonstruck (1987), an Italian-American romance Cagefighter Steve calls, “The Cher/Nicolas Cage cougar-bait film of the last millennium,” versus Vampire’s Kiss (1989) – one of Cage’s most batty and meme-ified roles. It’s also Nic Cage as a vampire hunter who is hunting himself because… he’s, well, a vampire, duh.

Cagefighter Shawn discusses deleted scenes from The Color Out of Space and Reece delivers a sultry Nic List. Find out which Cage movie wins in the end!

Our next two films will be Time to Kill and Wild at Heart.

 As an added bonus for our listeners, each instance of the word Cher in this episode has been auto tuned.

The Cagefighters crawl deep into a well of Lovecraftian horrors to uncover the truth about Nic Cage's most recent movie role in this year's The Color Out of Space. Hear spicy comparisons between the original short story and the film, plus a wonderful recap of this shocking body-horror plot that Cagefighter Steve could only describe as, "The best Superman origin story gone wrong." With another Gonzo-Cage masterpiece in the bag, what does this mean for our beloved wolf-warrior, St. Nicolas? What happened to Cagefighter Kevin? Yes, there are spoilers. Listen if you dare...


In Season 2, the Cagefighters will force two movies to face/off against one another in each episode leading up to our season finale.

This pre-pandemic episode covers Cage's lover-boy role opposite Kathleen Turner in the 1986 time-travel romance Peggy Sue Got Married. Next, hear the Cage Crew's take on the Coen Brothers' Crime Comedy Raising Arizona -- the first Hollywood movie where our treasured movie star is apparently forced to truly act. 

Plus, you'll learn fun facts about these Cage-tastic masterpieces along the way and discover which will ascend towards the throne of eternal greatness.

Are you tired of that damn Carole Baskin ruining your quarantine? There's only one man that can save us all... Nic Cage has been confirmed to play Joe Exotic in a scripted Tiger King series. In this special episode, we give our impressions of the smash-hit docuseries, what we hope it means for Cage, plus you'll hear what we've been up to during this pandemic and the future of the podcast. 

December 30, 2019

Post-Fight MANDY Review

In this post-finale End-of-Decade Podcast, CAGEFIGHTERS share updates on upcoming Nic Cage movies before engaging in a spirited discussion of the 2018 Panos Cosmatos film, "Mandy," and the future of "Gonzo" Nic Cage cinema. Stay tuned for Season 2! 

(7:03) Shawn Watches Birdie
(10:56) Reece's UFO Story
(13:33) Color Out of Space Preview
(16:20) Mandy Review 

October 1, 2019


The Cagelord Hath Spoken...

LNCF's first 2-Hour season finale! Our heroic CAGEFIGHTERS reveal their top pick for best Nic Cage movie of his first 5. But can they convince Cagelord Shawn to christen their choice for eternal rest in our Bee Cage of Fame? Discover our first winner, plus a smorgasbord of sponsored products that are just amazing and a long tortuous analysis of the films that we've all been replaying in our nightmares these last few months. (If you're reading this you now have a bird-based mental illness.)

You'll also have to listen to the ENTIRE epic podcast to find out which movie we're watching in our upcoming surprise Post-Finale Episode! (It's Mandy.) 


June 14, 2019

The CageBoy in Blue

After a brief "catch-up-on-CAGE" (including marriage, divorce and a bizarre karaoke clip), the CAGEFIGHTERS dive HEADFIRST into the FINAL review of the season -- The Boy in Blue (1986), a ROCKY clone chronicling the career of Canadian sculler/rower/tribal scalper Ned Hanlan set in the late 1800s. We discuss how ST. NIC tackles this role with verve & alcoholism, uninspired rowing, clothing sex, and ultimately getting cage-fished. Finally, we discuss our expectations for the upcoming FIVE FILM FACE/OFF FINALE (or simply... Cage Fight).

Which legendary movie do you think will enter our SEASON 1 CAGE of FAME? Let us know or go ahead and BUGGER OFF!

Welcome to our first CAGE DOUBLE FEATURE review, where we stumble through Francis Ford Coppola's forgettable jazz-gangster flick Cotton Club followed by a thorough review of the disturbing, furry-friendly Birdy. Actually, we never thought a movie would send us deep into a sordid discussion of human/animal sex, or of Nic Cage's fascination with grabbing boobies, but then we've never seen a movie quite like Birdy. Thankfully there are probably laws against this kind of thing now.

Things go off the rails towards the end, but we decided to keep it all in. Don't forget to check out Steve's Princess Mononoke music video mentioned in the podcast.

No furries were harmed in the making of this episode.

Additional Music used:
Aurora by Jonny Easton
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Next film on our list: The Boy in Blue (1986) 

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