June 19, 2021

PIG Trailer Reaction

The Cagefighters go HOG WILD over the latest trailer to drop like fresh manure on the Cage Farm: Michael Sarnoski's "Pig" scheduled for release July 2021. Hear our thoughts and squeals in this mini-episode.

Cagefighters stress out over two romantic Cage comedies with graphic scenes of financial elder abuse: Guarding Tess and It Could Happen to You. Steve, Reece and Shawn dig deep into the mind of Nicolas Cage and try to understand the man behind the myth, as we continue our journey through The Golden Age of Cage! 

Also, listen to find out how you can get Late Night Cage Fight exclusive STICKERS mailed to your door -- for FREE!

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Continuing our deep dive into Disney’s baffling choice to exclude the world’s greatest entertainer from their spandex-clad mega-franchise, our latest episode of Cageless (or should we call it Into the Cageverse?) discusses Marvel’s latest Disney+ series: Falcon and the Winter Soldier! 

Tune in to find out how Sam and Bucky deal with a post Steve Rogers world and with timely issues like terrorism, systematic racism and best practices for operating a nautical themed business. Just how much could this series be improved if Ol' St. Nicolas took over for everyone’s favorite Star Spangled Man with a Plan? We may never know, but we'll still talk about it!

The Cagefighters kick off Season 3 with two AMAZING, action-packed Nicolas Cage films from the 90s: Red Rock West and Deadfall! ONE of these nearly impossible to find gems of Cage will earn the right to compete for the championship. Follow us on Facebook and find out what Cage-licious movies we'll battle in our next exciting episode, plus check out our Cageless series where we dive inside movies Cage should have been in, dammit!

Satanic animatronics are slaughterin' kids again up at Willy's? Who you gonna call? 

CAGEFIGHTERS. Warriors of the Cage! We talk a lot about the recent Gonzo Nic Cage release Willy's Wonderland (2021) -- where a muted Nicolas Cage is forced to pantomime for 90 minutes. Cue shots of furious cleaning, pinball, graphic violence, and sweet sweet soda guzzling. We share our impressions of this B-movie disasterpiece before the episode quickly descends into chaos. 

Stay tuned for more Late Night Cage Fight! Our next episode will be the Season 3 Premiere! 

Why isn't Nicolas Cage in WandaVision? We team up with fellow podcast host, comic shop owner, writer, and Super Knowledge Man Jordan Lowe to ask the tough questions about this intriguing series that's the best thing on Disney+ since Dunston Checks In 2: Orang-aTAT-TAT-TAT.

Shawn revels in his supreme knowledge of everything Marvel, which causes Reece to question his life choices. We discuss our favorite sitcoms and try to predict future events that may or may not unfold in WandaVision. So drop in to our small gated community, kick back and ignore the static. We're taking a ride on the wild side. 

Jordan Lowe joins us from KA-POW! The Pop-Cultured Podcast. Check out more of his work at SoProComics.com. Oh, and stay tuned for Season 3 of Late Night Cage Fight. We have lots more movie madness coming your way!

Nicolas Cage hosts a foul-mouthed exposé of modern culture's filthiest swear words, their histories retold by guest comedians and academics. This show was so offensive, we've decided to offer this special Late Night Cage Fight Review in a G-Rated format for younger and/or sensitive listeners.

We first react to IGN's Willy's Wonderland movie trailer before discussing what's ahead for Cage in 2021. But the real kicker is our slow realization that we are superheroes in a scripted sitcom out of the 1950s, and something just doesn't seem right in the Cageverse... (Yes, we're talking WandaVision too, so you'd better have a listen!)

Happy New Year, now let's rewind back to Christmas time! 

In this late-release Cageless episode, we talk about one of our favorite holiday movies ever: Jingle All the Way (1996) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad and Anakin Skywalker. You'll also hear about some of our favorite toys growing up, and the truth about Steve's childhood. We mention what's ahead in Season 3 of Late Night Cage Fight with a whole lot more Cage just around the corner!

Hasta la vista. 

November 17, 2020

Jiu Jitsu - The Review!

What do you get when you throw a bunch of action movies in a blender (especially Mortal Kombat), then add Nic Cage and Tony Jaa kicking serious alien ass? Jiu effin' Jitsu.

Find out why the upcoming Jiu Jitsu is your new guilty pleasure martial arts flick -- a movie that can't decide whether it belongs in an honorable dojo, or as eternal reruns on the Syfy Channel. We talk about our first impressions of the movie, Nic Cage's role as Wylie, the comic versus the movie, and we decide just what exactly is... a jiu jitsu. (Spoiler Warning at 33:00.)

Jiu Jitsu will be released on November 20. Visit our web site at NicCageFight.com

- Nic Cage News (5:50)
- Jiu Jitsu Review (10:30)
- Nic Cage's 1st Fight Scene (37:00)
- Comic Book Discussion (51:35)
- Podcast Updates (1:09:36)

We're talking WICKERED MEN: Nicolas Cage (2006) and Scottish Nicolas Cage (1973) -- two men who will combine inside a wickered effigy to rise again from the flames, reborn as Ghost Riders.

We discuss both Wicker Man movies and a whole lot more in this super casual Halloween special. It's also the only place you'll find (un)official Wicker Man ASMR. 

Legal disclaimer: we take no responsibility for any curse that may spread to you while listening to this, but please wear a wicker mask. Trust us, we are neo-politicians. 

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